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Nexxus Retexxtur Curl Vitalizing Shampoo 10.1oz u/b

Nexxus Retexxtur Curl Vitalizing Shampoo 10.1oz u/b

Price: $11.95
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Brief Description
Detailed Description

Curl Vitalizing Shampoo

  • Size: 10.1oz
  • This is a new shelf pulled item. It may be scuffed, dented and/or may be missing lid/cap/spray.
  • ReTexxtur Curl Vitalizing Shampoo, is a botanically fortified cleansing formulation that boosts curl strength, adds texture and revives naturally curly, wavy hair.
  • Watercress and Calenduala are combined with panthenol to restore resilience and emolliency.
  • Its rich conditioning lather leaves hair managealble with a healthy radiant sheen. Excellent for keeping permanent waves fresh and vital.
  • New, No box, Not Sealed
  • Items without box may have damages (like scratches and/or dents) on the outside of the container. Damages may be worst and/or different to the ones shown on picture.

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