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Lancome Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss Lipgloss 0.28oz u/b

Lancome Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss Lipgloss 0.28oz u/b

Price: $8.95
$8.95 Raspberry Ice 8 in stock
$8.95 Miracle 56 in stock
$8.95 Pink Horizon 2 in stock
$8.95 Touched By Light 2 in stock
$8.95 Pure 1 in stock
$8.95 Magic Spell 4 in stock
$8.95 Gold Escape 3 in stock
$8.95 Pink Bling 5 in stock
$8.95 Moulin Rose 2 in stock
$8.95 Fifth Avenue Frosting 5 in stock
$8.95 Daiquiry 1 in stock
$8.95 Simmer 3 in stock
$8.95 Pretty Pink 5 in stock
$8.95 Tickled Pink 22 in stock
$8.95 Coral Rush 1 in stock
$8.95 Spring Fling 42 in stock
$8.95 No Color 4 in stock
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LancomeJuicy Tubes Lip Gloss Size 0.28 oz eachNew, No Box, Not SealedItems without box may have damages (scratches and/or dents) on the outside of the containerItems may be labeled as "Tester/Not for Individual Sale"Shades may look different (lighter or darker) on the picture due to lighting and...

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